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Inside German Politics

DariusIII Wrote: Apr 21, 2013 3:18 PM
FRB simply shifts the cost of monetary transactions from the actors (who write checks) to borrowers (who pay a tad more in interest). FRB is just a mechanism to shift cost but adds a volatility to the monetary system.

Inquiring minds in the US note the upcoming German election and may be wondering about the platforms of the major political parties. Reader Bernd from Germany explains.

Die Linke (The Left): Die Linke is made up of the former SED/PDS (The East German Communist Ruling Party), some former West German Communist and Socialist Parties and a “rebel group” of the SPD. They all have merged and are now called "Die Linke". By and large they have a communist/socialist platform, albeit not Stalinist. Their main requests are: dissolve NATO and replace it with a new organization to include...

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