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Poor Chuck, victim of the Democratic 'wet dream'
Just another in the long list of reasons Boehner has to go...
"A vote on the most recent legislation ending the first-class treatment has not been scheduled yet." Don't hold your breath...
Even John can read the writing on the wall...
There were many Hollywood types "Blacklisted" for un-American activity. The ones that I have read about are among those who McCarthy has been vindicated for. Dalton Trumbo was among the Hollywood Ten; Those in Hollywood who made no assertions regarding their card carrying status in 'the party'.
It's just a couple of words, but words have meaning. ..,"who died waiting for help". If this whole investigation can be framed around those words, having them repeated at every Republican microphone for the next few months, this will prove to be the well deserved albatross around BHO and Killery's neck and keep her out of the White House. These four precious families deserve all the truth we can fight to give them regardless of which Dems are fitted for the orange jumpsuit
"Ethics is a matter of character"...and there is the rub. It is fool-hearty to look for candidates that are spotless. They don't exist. But I think Texas can afford to set the bar a little higher, rather than throw up our hands in acknowledgement that all politicians are unethical. If they's our fault for abandoning our responsibility in holding their feet to the fire. You can't send them to DC, or to Austin and pay no attention to what their performance as legislators. It's like turning your back on the tide. The voters responsibility extends past showing up in November.
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Blame Donald Sterling for the Economy

darenda Wrote: May 01, 2014 1:11 PM
John, you may be the only writer on the economy that can take really bad news and make it enjoyable to read. As a single mother of 4 who endeavors to be informed, I appreciate your column more than I can say. There is a hint of the optimist in you...
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Ralph Nader says impeach Obama?

darenda Wrote: May 01, 2014 12:55 PM
I confess that I never in my life thought I'd find myself in agreement with Ralph Nader on anything. I'm impressed to learn that regardless of all the things we do disagree on...he still considers the Constitution the arbiter of presidential worthiness.
Why is it that libs feel obliged to impose their own limitations on everyone else? If you don't want a gun, if you don't intend to defend your own family, if you don't want to learn about your options in protecting your children...lock your doors and hope for the best. Do not impose your ignorance on the liberties of the whole rest of society. When your house is broken into, we promise to stay away, while you wait on the police. When seconds count...they're only minutes away.
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The Meltdown of the Obama Genderhawks

darenda Wrote: Apr 09, 2014 5:09 PM
Any word inserted in front of the word justice...bastardizes the word and all the weight behind it's true meaning. Justice is either equal or it is nothing regardless of your gender, race , sexual preference or financial status. Feminist social justice is a specious, lobotomized figment of their imagination and is only relevant in their kabuki theater.
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