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No question...the party is run by Whigs. But I believe a 3rd party is a mistake. It takes an enormous apparatus to conduct a national campaign. It will be confusing for that portion of the party who only pays attention two weeks before Nov. 3rd, producing more split than unity. The tea party can be far more influential and effective as a growing wing of the Republican party, without a figurehead. We won't have the machinery of a fledgling new party to set up in 50 states. Hostile takeover of the Republican Party is the best way to least for 2016
Every attempt to minimize the Tea Party and it's influence, or it's size is the expression of an on-going fear. They hate the fact that rather than reducing...the Tea Party is growing in both influence and numbers. It is also troublesome for the left that there is no figure head to attack. It is a red badge of courage! to be worn proudly. The Democratic Plantation is falling apart and they know it.
The left loves to mask their activity by controlling the dialogue. They call infanticide...choice. Somehow everyone can live with 'choice' making the intolerable infanticide acceptable. What Limbaugh calls vulgar was an honest depiction of homosexual behavior rather than the more acceptable 'gay pride' vernacular. And there is the rub; even those self-identified as gay can't bear to have that honesty thrown in their face, exposing what is usually not discussed in 'polite' company. Bottom line...truth hurts. Robertson is being excoriated for the truth. Not a single word of hate came out of his mouth. And...what if his assessment is accurate?
Thank you for this clarity. I am so tired of pundit's weighing in on an interview they clearly never read. Most comments reflect their 'need' for an issue to decry, and has nothing to do with actual quotation. I miss the days of factual news reporting and journalistic integrity. Yes...I'm old as dirt.
Cry me a river! Abortion Barbie can't get the Christian/Catholics to climb on board her unilateral race to the bottom. She better move if she wants to hold national office. Texans won't soon forget her non-sense in the state house.
More Chicago thuggery in the Alinsky tradtion. Sling a bunch of mud and depend on something to stick. Who cares if is bears any relationship to the truth. They are in the accusation business. Luddite
Except....this is not a democracy! Why does that need to be said over and over again? Are all these people public school grads? Don't we have a single private school grad among them? Did any of these people ever take a history or a civic class? Representative Republic, say it slow, say it out-loud. Repeat. You'll get it.....eventually.
"The bigger they are, the harder they fall." From your God's ears.
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Alec Baldwin vs. Liberal Bullies

darenda Wrote: Nov 21, 2013 1:50 PM
Given Baldwins politics, I was prepared to believe the worst of him. I appreciate the 'insider' enlightenment. And I absolutely concur: in an alarming percentage of He said, She said cases, Women are the most crafty and inventive liars. They learn it early. It's the right of passage with the NAG' uh NOW gang.
Excellent Article! You are quickly becoming my favorite columnist. Unusual clarity. As one who has worked on many national observations of libertarians absolutely agrees with you assessment.
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Getting Real Why Cuccinelli was Defeated

darenda Wrote: Nov 18, 2013 2:57 PM
The establishment wing of the Party has not and will not recognize that their representation is what voters reject. If it's between a Democrat and a Lite-Democrat, why not just get the genuine article, rather than the mealy mouth McCains or the flip-flopping, liberal Romney?
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