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It's the ole' dog ate my homework....Subpoena the server!
Great Article...stick it in your ear Greenberg!
Some statements are too absurd for even the Tower of Absurdity, MSNBC.
Ransom, you are the most effective release valve in print! Could have written this myself...but of course, no column here. Pure enjoyment!
Awhhhhh, the wishy washy Republican base. If you closed down DC and sent Senators and Congressmen home, they'd get an earful of what their constituents want.Trouble is what Americans want and what Congressmen and Senators want is at odds. The beltway lobotomy afflicts them all. They want to preserve their jobs. Americans want jobs, and relief from disastrous policies which will never happen in this administration.
Bad mouth the south all you want...there is still a mass exodus under way to escape the abysmal job being done on both coasts by the leftists. They turned California into a 3rd world country that I am sure the rest of us will be coerced to bail out. New York meantime is on the same trajectory. Companies are moving out of the Northeast to escape confiscatory taxes and absurd anti-business regulation. But the south is all to blame. If you think 2010 was a dusting....wait til 2014!
Can't take the heat. Righteousness burns like a fire...surely you are not surprised. That is the quality of the education mom and dad just paid out the nose for.
So the emperor is wearing 'new clothes'... suspected, this law is so ineptly crafted, new law has to be illegally erected (government bureaucracies cannot pass law) to keep businesses from walking through the gaping holes. If the 16th amendment is repealed, the IRS will become a printing mechanism for postcard tax returns.
You presume that Ben Carson is speaking as a preemptive candidate. He is not. He was speaking as a retired neuro-surgeon. In that case, the 'Gift from God' phraseology is accurate and on point. The gift is a perfect picture of what is to come for the whole country. Where else would you get a microscopic, tangible picture of your future medically? And there is no big stretch intellectually, because you are comparing apples to apples. Ben Carson has been very clear, he is gratified that others consider him a worthy candidate...but he has no interest in the job.
Poor Chuck, victim of the Democratic 'wet dream'
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