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ben....summer school too :o)
Diane Sawyers has her first 'after retirement' Baba Wawa type special coming up on 'women in prison'. I can't wait to NOT watch it!!!
Good article...but...could a white columnist have gotten away with it ?? That's when you'll know things have improved. :o)
Jonah...my keyboard is terrific....my fingers ? Not so much! :o)
In the Leftist's mind....it's okay for Williams to have lied because his chopper COULD have been fired upon....so....it isn't really a lie. Liberal Lunacy at its best!!!
right...when Leftists can't hammer their square peg lies into a round-hole situation....they simply get a bigger hammer !!!
A great fear of the Left is the coming together of all the different segments of citizens as AMERICANS. The Dem Party does its best to prevent this 'union of citizens' at every turn......divide the citizens, conquer the Nation.
E Pluribus Unum. Yep!!!
Obama can read a teleprompter very well....NBC should hire him and cut out the middle man!!!
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