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Normal, think for a minute we have always had climate change e.g. Ice Age etc. What is in question is how much man has affected this change and what steps we should take to reduce our impact and really how much our efforts matter when this is a Global issue. We should always be the best stewards we can be as related to our impact on mother earth. With this said the Climate Change faithfuls think a carbon tax or $8.00 dollar gas is going to change things, no just make us broke. The reality is more people believe the answer that Obama and other environmentalist haves been supporting is voodoo and crap that does more harm than good! Just a 97 viewers perspective on the issue.
I realize Carney has a hard job explaining all of the stupid policy decisions and statements from this administration but really how stupid do you think the citizens are? You will find out in 2012!
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Oprah Dumping Obama?

Danthetruth Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 9:33 AM
Support for Obama is in the tank and Oprah's support has put her in the tank as well. Whatever happened to color blind and the merits of your character?
Is this not the job of the Supreme Court as defined in the pesky constitution Mr. Obama, yea don't you hate that thing that stands in your way of being king!
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