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Holder has only been protecting Obama and his agenda, it is about time we hold this administration accountable for their actions!
Please join with the Tea Party for positive change for America, it is our only hope to maintain this great Country. It is time for the old guard to go, they no longer represent us!
Dem-wits war on woman they don't agree with and make up stuff to be a campaign issue against any Republican. Woman please pay attention and don't be a tool of the Obama administration and vote for the future of America and freedom.
Flat tax is the way to go if you want to be fair and restrict our Government from using our tax system like a reward or penalty game, that only enriches the politicians!
Can you say Fast and Ferrous, IRS investigation of Tea Party, ignoring courts concerning moratorium on oil platforms and choosing not to enforce our laws on immigration, then suing states that do.
I see a war on conservative woman is a war on all woman!
Can you say "Critical Race Theory" this explains the game and the method and argument they will use to destroy this great country. Funny thing is they will not like what they are creating slavery to the Government!
This is Obama plan to start a race war so he can invoke martial law be reelected and be Dictator, Glenn Beck foresaw this a year ago.
Thank God we took back the house can you imagine what additional policies and lies the Dem-wits would have forced on America. Do they have a campaign strategy other than lie and swear to it, thankfully even the not engaged Americans have seen Thu the lies of Obama and his cheerleaders.
This is meant for Aura not NOrmal
Normal, think for a minute we have always had climate change e.g. Ice Age etc. What is in question is how much man has affected this change and what steps we should take to reduce our impact and really how much our efforts matter when this is a Global issue. We should always be the best stewards we can be as related to our impact on mother earth. With this said the Climate Change faithfuls think a carbon tax or $8.00 dollar gas is going to change things, no just make us broke. The reality is more people believe the answer that Obama and other environmentalist haves been supporting is voodoo and crap that does more harm than good! Just a 97 viewers perspective on the issue.
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