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Good point - remember the Dems griping endlessly about government contracts with Halliburton under Bush 43? Never mind that Halliburton was the only company that could handle the Iraq situation.
So let me get this straight - taxpayer money will be spent for the military to obtain cars that were SUBSIDIZED BY THE TAXPAYER?! We're getting billed twice, yes?
Keep on truckin', Mr. Ryan! Keep using the president's OWN WORDS against him at every opportunity. Obeyme has long since turned this into a bareknuckles brawl, so let's give him all the knuckles he's got coming!
Revolutions are never won easily. The Dictator in Chief will scratch and claw to hold onto power, and his press lackeys will do whatever it takes to keep him there. Fight on, fellow patriots!
Michelle and her hubby can't leave OUR White House SOON ENOUGH! What a perfect pair (for each other).
Poor poor pitiful DWS (fka Courtney Love); even the Obamedia is calling B-S on her lies!
Since OweBowMao is allergic to balanced budgets, I guess he would think Ryan is "ultraconservative".
Since Rachel Madcow has her own propaganda program on LSDNBC, she used to her word being unchallenged. This was a nice smackdown!
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Why We Lined Up at Chick-fil-A

DanTheTEAMan Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 4:53 PM
The lefties continue to be puzzled by the long life of the TEA Party. They don't seem to get that it's THEIR OWN favorite pols like Obungle and Hairy Reid who give us new life with every failed policy they shove down our throats.
I already saw a microcosm of the world-as-TEA-Party on Wednesday while I was at Chick-Fil-A. Everyone was courteous and cooperative. No one was cutting in line because they felt "entitled"; we all waited our turn. No cars were overturned. Nobody took a dump on a police car. Looked pretty good to me!
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