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Defending Marriage, Fighting Democracy

Dante9 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 1:35 PM
Your chauvinistic statements about Catholics is moronic and your question even more idiotic. But here is a rebuttal and answer: Preamble: I was raised Catholic. Being Catholic is no better or worse than being a member of any other faith, save for devil worship. Catholics have done much for the country, but not more than anyone from any another faith en masse. Of course, primarily only Catholic priest have repeatedly abused children, while the church hierarchy repeatedly broke state and federal laws hiding the culprits. This is collective Catholic moral turpitude at its worst. There are good gays and bad gays, just like good homophobes (presumably like yourself) and bad ones.
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Who Killed the New Majority?

Dante9 Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 9:44 PM
I work in socia/marketing research. After reading every one of the comments here, it is scientifically telling that the vast majority of respondees who agree with Buchannan's premise that the GOP is dead BY ITS OWN HAND are demographicaly white, male, retired or nearly so, angry, probably very religious and willing -- because it's generally been their bent in life - to always blame someone else. Just like Pat. Unfortunately for guys like Pat and most readers here, the demography of the country is permanently changing, along with cultural attitudes and national expectations.The world Pat made his life in, just like his forefathers, is no longer and will not be coming back. Grin and bear it or emotionally die a slow death like Pat.
One of the businesses I own is in research and its interesting to see how people from all demographics express their sentiments went the issue is one in which thgey are heavily invested emotionally. Considering the frame of reference here, ie staunch conservatism and the venting ground that is all things Townhall, when you push buttons with nameless respondees you get all sort of off-center reactions that reveal inner feelings. Extrapolate those to the society at large and you have a clear picture of what's wrong with the body politic,
Since I consider Slick Willie white trash, I never cared what he did or said. Obama is an opportunist and a seasoned one at that now. Yes still, I could care less what any politician thinks besides. All I care is that homophobes and the antigay suckheads like you drown in your own sorrow when you realize this was much to do about nothing and the way American life simple moved forward. Some day you will be in such a minority, even in the Deep Ugly South, that you will long forget you wasted my time, let alone you own, on this matter. Then again, if I am wrong, you'll be the worse for wear because of your own wanton kuckleheadedness.
For 5 amusing years, I've read the tea leaves of social conservative angst rising up against the never-ceasing cultural understanding/acceptance of gay marriage equality. The increasing idiocy of the diatribes (including the inanity of the slippery slope) by the staunchest homophobes and most pathetic religious fanatics was always comforting because I knew the trend was real, and the hateful cause of the 99% who mentally masturbate their antigay venom herein meant they knew, in their hearts and minds, they had lost. But they only lost a war they wasn't worth fighting as it was inevitable. Their offspring prove that point in spades. So, too, with the Supreme Court. In the meantime, if your fear and loathing today hurts, you deserve it!
That is a stupid and irrelevant metaphor. But considering the source, what would one expect.
You are wrong in every one of your assertsions, each of your conclusions and mostly in your holier-than-though frame of reference. You are, of course, obviously wrong on the side of history being made today, most of which will soon survive your life. In the meantime, you will just spout you hateful, ignorant venom until you heart arteries harden 1% more each day and you march one step closer to your own grave. I pray you will finally find some salvation with that last breadth. You will never believe it because of you own suffering mental and emotional affliction, but gays are born that way and there is nothing you or you nasty little kind can do about it. You be better off spending more time on your March Madness bracket!
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When Not Tying the Knot Is Not Good

Dante9 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 5:17 PM
Understandably, you are entirely wrong. The primary benefit from gay marriage is knowing you are legally married with all its federal and state attendant benefits and NO discrimination whatsoever because you happen solely to marry someone of the same gender. You are also wrong is claiming that there are signficant tax advantages to filing as married vs filing as a single tax preparer. Get you facts right before you spout off about gay marriage. Nonetheless, much of what the author said above is true.
Dude, again, I am not gay. (Though mostly white.)
Only in your mind and people like you. Most of the rest of the nation simply will not care. How much damage has the gay marriages already in existence REALLY screwed up the country? Not a G*D#mned bit.
Unlike what D. Usher wrote, or what many of you religious fanatics hope, the betting money is on the Supremes upholding the Walker ruling in California. And thankfully. Regardless, the tide is forever turned. Yes, as the lamenting Shapiro writes, you social conservatives did lose the culture war because of the hyprocrisy of your arguments and the fact that there is absolutely no truth to you claim that union will crumble once gay marriage is ubiquitous. (Nor, of course, will your rights as a holier-than-thou dude be trambled in the process.) You deserved to lose because you were always on the wrong side of the future, always prejudicially living in the past. Get used to it or let you souls burn with angst and hate. Your choice.
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