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Why Won't Conservatives Just Drop Social Issues?

Dante19 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 9:36 PM
Well, I choose to be hetrosexual because that's where my heart and loins led me. I would obviously conclude, therefore, and consistent with your "scientitic reasoning" that this is no different for gay people. But what is different for gay people is that you and your kind consider them perverse and not appropriate human behavoir. Since that is now a near minority opinion, and will certainly grow as such in time as you and your kind die off, I see no idiocy to anything about my comments or thoughts. Your the one with issue with gays and their march for equality and freedom. Not me. And not much else needs to be said here.

Good question, and one that was asked of me by a conservative veterinarian friend of mine last week. He is completely on board with conservative fiscal principles, (when applied), but he doesn’t understand WHY we on the “Religious Right” are still concerned about abortion, gay marriage, etc. “You need to drop it”, he said.

Let me try to explain why we don’t and why we shouldn’t. Those of us on the Religious Right, contrary to popular belief, are not interested in taking away rights from those who disagree with us. We’re just trying to maintain what rights we have left....

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