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Obviously, dude, you weren't a gay man to begin with. And your last sentence and POV makes little sense. So, as you enjoy your ex-gay existence, try boning up on proper English and better writing skills. Then you can claim you are also an "ex-illiterate", too.
You were. And after 82 years you haven't figured that out, you probably won't. Going to see you Maker confused is probably not the best way to head out of town.
Bigogtry against bigots is not exactly the same thing. Certainly, the whole world doesn't revolve around anyone. But this site seems to collect its fair share of anti-gay folk, especially the older, whiter, more religious kind who have nothing better to do and have been finding themselves and their kind growing farther behind the eight ball in solidifying their homophobic agenda. Bummer for them, Nothing justifies my actions anymore than yours. And I honestly do pray for your souls because it must really sting a bit to know that you are promoting a losing cause.
If you could ask a succinct and intelligent question, I would try to answer it. But if you think I am filled with hatred for you, it should be better expressed as disdain for how long it is taking you to wake up and figure out that gay rights are 1) here to stay and 2) not going to be a societal issue before long except with your kind, and the overly zealous religious in the country who can't stomach the separation of church and state. The responsibility I take is to try to point that out to people like you when I am the most bored and want to troll this arch-conservative website that is stiflingly anti-liberal in every sense of the word and have some satirical fun in the process. Thanks for making that possible. Try writing more a little more cogently next time and I will try to answer you question in a more straightforward fashion.
Idiots think like that. The smart Christian focuses on his or her life and nothing more.
Nope. But I do despise gay-bashers and bigots like you as much as you hate gay-supports like me. My side is winning, however.
Well, if you speak for God that is quite the kettle calling the pot black, or was it vice-a-versa.
I don't feel morally superior to you or anyone. I just want to show you the idiocy of your ways, particularly as it relates to the fact that the anti-gay crowd has lost the holy war to which they so vehemently subscribed. My beliefs tell me that we would be heading toward ubiquitous gay marriage if the God that I belief in didn't pre-ordain that to happen in the first place. Maybe what you and your holier-than-thou gang are failing to realize is that the way of the world today just might be what the Almighty intended. But I doubt you will see it that way because it means you missed the boat.
No just ridicule and maybe, if I am lucky, a mirror that makes you think why you have the feelings you do beyond some stuck-in-the-mud religious POV that is not relevant to what I am saying.
Not in the slightest. But have been witnessed to more anti-gay bias and rants than I care to remember.
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