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I would say that the conventions represent a conglomeration of individual choices. I do not think the nation or the parties willed either of the present nominees for president. (President Obama in 2008) or Romney now. The fuel reference is from a NY times article on the 27 dollar a gallon navy bio-fuel program as opposed to the old $3.50 program.
How long have we been a 50/50 nation? Very few elections are now won 65/35. There is no will of a nation...there is only individual will and individual choice. We can be influenced and as you have proven be taught to accept that our tax dollars help the poor. Whiles those who make the choices pay 28 dollars a gallon for aircraft carrier fuel. My point should have been more about the amount of spending not as much as what we are spending it on.
That is a pretty sad argument...One can simply reply I don't mind my tax dollars being spent on DoD spending...the truth is that anyone individual life long tax debt is not sufficient to pay for one dish at one state dinner. I am glad that you have been successful enough to fund all the entitlement programs for the country all by yourself, you are indeed a very noble and christian person to help so many less fortunate with other peoples money.
I am sure they just wanted to get their facts right...it is very taboo for the media to affiliate a psycopath with any type of group or cause. It takes time to not find any tea party or conservitives connections to report. In a couple days they will have a story about the shooter getting an unwanted haircut by a bully while in grade school.
I saw something about the FDA considering making chronic conditions eligible for over the counter medications (therefore not covered). So no need for insurance to pay for anything like diabetes, or anything that a typical person would want to have insure for.
"it has electrolytes it's what plants crave"
There has to be a target audience that this slide show was designed for and we should assume that there was enough positive feedback from that target group that this slide show is plus gain in votes for Obama My Guess is that the target is the young voter under 30. I think the best way to respond is by using an analogy based on designing a computer game city, explain how much production is taken away and how much is returned. (for every dollar in benefits paid how much does the Gov keep…etc) It would be best to avoid attacking the benefits but attacking the costs of collecting and distributing and enforcing them. Lets take the argument away that it is revenue based, change it to why does it cost 25k to give someone a 2k rebate.
Thank you Kevin for pointing this out. I am going to share this with a few of my "moderate" friends who don't think we are on the road to socialism. It may seem small but this slide show encapsulates the idea idea that a vote for Obama will ensure a Utopian society under his ideals...anyone else notice the 62 year time frame he gets to be president.
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