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CNN Takes Almost 3 Hours to Report Family Research Council Shooting

Danolt Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 11:16 AM
I am sure they just wanted to get their facts is very taboo for the media to affiliate a psycopath with any type of group or cause. It takes time to not find any tea party or conservitives connections to report. In a couple days they will have a story about the shooter getting an unwanted haircut by a bully while in grade school.

Mary Katharine Ham provides the details:

Compressed for your viewing ease, two hours and 45 minutes of news on CNN without a mention of a shooting at the advocacy group’s office 1.1 miles from the CNN D.C. bureau. This is the West Coast feed (I'm in the Los Angeles area), so that’s why the clock in the corner flashes both Eastern and Pacific times.

MSNBC and Fox were quicker and more aggressive with their coverage, putting it on TV and on their home pages within the time it took CNN to tweet...