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The 4 out of 10 who received Obama " phoams "
Let Obama and his band of leftists try to bash republicans for their supposed war on woman and their reproductive rights including abortion. Then we come right back in Obama's face with one word and that is " INFANTICIDE" . Put that message out in television ads that Obama voted for and still supports, allowing the killing of infants after botched abortions. Then we will talk about women's rights vs born alive infants rights. I'll take that fight to anyone, anytime and anywhere.
Brian Ross and ABC news along with Stephanolpoulos are a sick and parasitic bunch of a-s wipes for Obama , may they rot in hell for such a lying and misrepresenting claim. This was absolutely said on purpose to stick in peoples minds. What a pathetic and insincere comment from these propagandist leeches to suggest anything of a political matter in wake of such a tragedy.
It sure does, and Obama is drowning in it !
The only planet Axelrod and Obama will have you live on though ,is planet Communism. Where King Bara'Khan and Queen Ax'Zuron will rule with re-education camps, then detention camps, then ..........camps.
Liberalism, is the only delusion here!
First of all you could not possibly know that. Second, my comment still stands memo or not. Thank you President Bush and our honored Navy Seals.
A Whining little man in a half empty suit. A pathetic , spoon fed a#% wipe his whole life. A liberal lie, fraud and impostor. Shall I go on? I hope this memo goes viral as it should, to show our fearless fraud of a leader in action.
Conservatism and the Tea Party which I call the sleeping giant has begun to awake once more after it's short rest from 2010. The sleeping giant never went away as the left might have you think. We are more committed and much more stronger than ever. Do not under estimate our will, for it is now the time to clean our house of every rino then forge on to the big house in November. I can already hear the footsteps.
HEY KKAAMM, Heres the true reality for all you blind minions. Obama is nothing but a product of liberalism. He was Devised, Manufactured, Advertised, Packaged, and then sold to all of you ignorant, gullible, diaper wearing kool-aid drinking idiots as a product of hope and change. When the package was opened, nothing but 100% pure liberalism reared its head and boy is it ugly.
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