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They are going to do a lot more stealing, in spades because the FEDS will do nothing.
Where are the feds on this? Camera's? police. Oh I forgot they probably got their marching orders from DOJ Holden. To stand UP and cheat for "O."
IF you want the truth here are all the facts any thinking person needs to know. Bush average annual deficit averaged $300 Billion over 8 YEARS. When Bush left office in 2008 US NATIONAL DEBT was $9.3 TRILLION. US Nation Debt today is $15.75 TRILLION. Public debt added by ALL 43 Presidents combined from 1789 – 2009 = $6.3 Trillion All by himself Obama spent in 3.5 years $6.477 Trillion. One debt downgrade and another one in the rumor mill. Hows that hope & change working out for the US? I think it sucks myself. My grandkids grandkids will still be paying of this debt.
Who or what will stop Obama from taking all the foreign money from credit card overseas like he did last time? THIS MONEY IS NOT LEGALLY COLLECTED AS IT IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW TO ACCEPT FOREIGN MONEY. He did it last time and got away with it and he WILL do it again.
Born and raised in Chicago area. When "O" ran for Prez. his people brought WGN radio down to its knees because Milt Rosenberg invited a quest that knew SOME THINGS about "O." Almost NOTHING was know about "O" because "O" would NOT allow ANY info out to the public. "O's" people overloaded he phone lines and WGN servers so that they could NOT have a civil conversation. These actions SHUT DOWN the show for the 1st time EVER. "O's" thugs even did it a 2ND time. When somebody finally answered the phone at "Os" election office they said "WGN should NOT have anyone on the radio that would say anything bad about "O." See below url for exact details.
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