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Gee lady justice is peeking out from her blindfold in the hope she can quit crying.
I'll bet this idiot does NOT even know ISIS are taking off heads, crucifying young men all on video so they can recruit more radicals. Don't forget they take very few prisoners, lets just say they disappear from the planet 4 ever.
Some people need to be reminded of what D's do to R's every single day. Think Reid's recent wacky remarks from the well of the Senate where he is protected and lie all he wants. In Alinsky’s brand of social warfare, the END JUSTIFIES any means, WINNING at any COST is all that MATTERS. Alinsky said that organizers must be entirely unpredictable and unmistakably WILLING to watch society DESCEND into utter CHAOS and ANARCHY. D's need to get used to returning the fire especially when it is the TRUTH.
Now that all the evidence has been destroyed it is time for progs to look like they are helping in the investigation. Of course the lamestream media will play it up to cover for Ozero.
The D's voted to keep the dunce in office. They were afraid of what Chris McDaniel will do.
Nailed everything John. If O was king, he thinks he is, he would do what you said and more to remove freedom from our people. Are we positive O won't use the new powers in his version of Exec Order that he changed to make it EASIER to declare Martial Law. Just asking if the R's take the Senate ll he have left is Ex orders.
Different face same attitude. Arrogant to the core. Typical Ozero admin press person. You would think that he would at least talk to a computer exert. E-mails that are on the server are backed up at least to 3 different physical sites for redundancy.
Actually I would say FREE GOVT stuff/goodies WINS elections all the time.
Write something about how Dingy Harry Reid came to DC a dirt POOR man and is now worth millions as are ALL his sons. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time with the right people ALL the time.
John please write about the special tax rate mega movie stars and lawyers get from the govt. In short they get their movie $ lump sum up front and then they do something with the big $ like put it somewhere where they get the $ back in much smaller chunks thus saving them a TON of taxes because it’s a much smaller amount. Lawyers and big CEO’s do the same. The rest of us are forced into W2 statements do not have that option. It also makes me CRAZY that the edge fund guys get a special tax RATE that is much lower than the rest of us.
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