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The War Against Doctors

DanKurt Wrote: May 19, 2012 7:06 PM
are all chipping at the system so as to be MD's themselves in reality if not in name. My sister is a physician who was a professor at three medical schools and ran a residency program in Internal Medicine. She laments the that there is a dearth of intelligent students to actually become MDs. That individuals who have failed to get into a medical school get trained in alternative "healing art" then use the political system to elevate themselves to a "just as good as an MD position" is a fraud. Dan Kurt

Imagine completing college, then 4 years of graduate school and finally working as a trainee for three to ten years while earning 3-4 times the Federal Poverty level. Then you are permitted to work on your own and go into business, but are unable to set the rates that you will charge your customers. You are required by the federal and state government to pay for the privilege of working, and have to comply with intrusive regulations making it more costly to conduct business with no ability to pass these costs along to your customers. You have almost a...

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