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Praising a Hollywood Liberal

dankbubba Wrote: Mar 13, 2013 6:03 AM
the drone question wasn't that big a deal. Paul was just calling the Obamites on their total disregard for the usual American way they despise. Cusak better watch out he doesn't stray too far on something the knee jerk left holds sacred. Not that Cusak has ever felt like praising GW Bush's intelligence or talking up the positive nature of American free enterprise.

It’s no surprise that many Hollywood actors and actresses are on the left side of the aisle. But what is a surprise -- and a nice one at that -- is to see some of them stand by their ideology even when many liberals on Capitol Hill will not. Last Wednesday, while many Democrats on Capitol Hill stood silent on a big civil liberties issue, one major celebrity went on twitter to chastise some of his ideological allies. On an issue that they are both passionate about, the liberal actor John Cusack -- the star of films like “Being John Malkovich,”...