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Cyndi is outrageously talented. But, she isn't really that smart or educated. The ideas she knows and listens to are all from one side, so you can't expect her to have an open mind. Liberals everywhere believe that if the government won't pay for something or won't force others to pay for it, then the people are being denied XYZ and how dare the forces on the evil Right deny women health care and children this and poor people that.
too true. The Left is very scared of Carson. He is soft spoken, not easy to demonize, successful as an American man and not as a "Black" man, and pro-religion, pro-America and pro-family values. I don't see Carson as a good candidate for Pres. He might be a great administrator and delegator, don't know. But, he'll get bored with the campaign and not be able to handle the amount of pressure the Left will put on him with his lack of political experience.
Whoopi's point was not bad, but she wanted to shut up doc carson and get the last word in as a positive welfare message.
This issue of privilege is just the latest attempt by the left to put/keep down the white male minority. We struggle in the shadows and are attacked constantly just for our gender and color of our skin. By the questions on the test, I am privileged many many times over because I am not gay, no lesbian, not transgender, not thinking about being transgender, not thinking about telling my parents that I am gay/lesbian/transgender. Even at that I only got 51/100 with my honest answers and I see 2 more questions now that I could have not checked. I have been called a f*g and other derogatory slurs. question doesn't say that I have to identify with the slur. Guess I'll just have to live with myself.
the left believes in, at best, their own ability to be just and true compared to other persuasions -- and, at worst, in keeping control of any and all entrenched bureaucracies by any means necessary. Once the left gets control they squeeze out all dissenting views until they have control for life. The right must fight all the time to maintain even a small foothold once the left takes over. We need to be vigilant and fight to keep the left from these takeovers in the first place.
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Armed Texan Intervenes in Mugging

dankbubba Wrote: Apr 30, 2014 5:52 PM
If the Liberals re-enacted this they would add in a racist TX cop who shows up and shoots at the good guy for being black. Not sure how they could resist spinning in their usual agenda. If they have to report it they leave out the gun entirely.
One point that should really be made: The Dems (I call them leftists or statists because the Dems are led by the left for some time now) are way beyond anything that Nixon ever was accused of. After the FBI files in Clinton hands went unpunished, we can only conclude that Left would get a wink and a nod for anything they do. After Carter we got Reagan and the US was saved from becoming a city under a hill. Reagan & Thatcher made the world safe/stable enough for the rise of leftist drivel taking over the discussion of real issues.
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An Orwellian Nation of Obamathink

dankbubba Wrote: Feb 13, 2014 1:11 PM
Orwell focused more on the mind games of the Leftists because Leftists are more underhanded and inclined to force the agenda by scheme rather than actual force. Nazi statists (Right thinking people everywhere must reject the notion that Nazism/fascism is on the right side of the spectrum) were more direct and audacious in their agendas and didn't require interpretation. You only need to take fascists at face value most of the time.
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The Poison of Postmodern Lying

dankbubba Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 8:58 PM
I don't disagree with VDH often, but he should never have tried to get objective truth comparisons with plumb doors and rocket science. Plumb doors are good enough at some point, but not exactly exactly exactly plumb. There is a tolerance for such things. Liars on the Left go with the political "truth" or the subjective "truth" and there is no comparison with plumb or not plumb.
Just substitute Liberal for Republican and lefties will look at you like you're crazy. This is how they view disagreement with their views. If you don't toe the party line you're stupid or crazy or both. They can only argue one way: I am good and I believe thus; you don't agree, so you're bad. They are afraid to agree with something a conservative says or does and this is a fear of questioning their own beliefs or applying any tests or evaluation to them.
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