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I wasn't around at the time, but what comes to my mind is a Chicago Tribune headline "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN". Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.
You go girl! NEVER thought I'd use that trite saying, but it fits here. I was hunting small game with a .22LR and 20 gauge at 8 years of age, and handling a .22 Hornet, .22-250, .30-30 (lever action Winchester model '73!) , .30-06, and a 12 gauge by the time I was 12. Teaching kids the proper and safe way to handle firearms used to be an American tradition. Now it's a Liberals nightmare. Tough. My brothers and I take my nephews and 2 nieces shooting every chance we get. And my 17 year old niece has become the best shot of all of us!
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Is It As Close As That?

DanielT1022 Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 3:18 AM
145% ??? As I understand the new "Common core" teaching methods, 145% could very well be the correct answer!
I'm shocked......yaaaawn Has anyone not expected this behavior, from this administration? Holder's for Justice like I'm for ...... a vasectomy. Let's give away thousands of American firearms to criminals. Then we can claim thousands of American firearms are being used in crimes and Mexican drug wars. How's anybody gonna find out? I think it's their incompetence that disgusts me the most.
SORRY , accidentally clicked the "flagged" button. This is not offensive please keep it.
Is that why, of all the people living with Mr. Duncan for 3 or 4 days while he was symptomatic DID NOT CONTRACT EBOLA? Or of the people who were with him in the waiting room for hours while he was sick, NOT ONE CONTRACTED EBOLA, Nor all but two of nurses and Doctors working with him "intimately" at Texas Presby? Stop with the fear mongering already And no I AM NOT A FAN OF OBAMA and yes I do believe mistakes were made by Texas Presby and the CDC. Even so, out of all the possible exposures , 2 people have contracted the disease inside the U.S. and they were Nurses working closely with him.
I agreed with your statement BEFORE Ebola hit our shores. Ebola is not what's going to take this country down. But irrational fear could hurt our economy at a time when it's already floundering.
If I lived in the area, I'd go bowling at that Alley today. Use the same lane and the same shoes if they were the right size. I'd take the same Subway car too! Stop giving in to the fear mongers. Yes Obama's policies stink. The CDC made mistakes. BUT , the "Mother of all Plagues" is not upon us.
Agreed. More political fear promotion than Scientific fact. Calm down people. If Ebola were easy to catch, there would be a lot more Texas Presby Nurses and Doctors with it. The patients sharing the waiting room with Mr. Duncan , nobody got it. Frontier Airlines flight with Nurse Vinson, nobody got it. People living in the same apartment as Mr. Duncan, again, NOT ONE PERSON PICKED UP EBOLA. And they lived with the guy for at least 3 days while he WAS SYMPTOMATIC. Mr. Duncan cleaned up after himself and tried not to expose his family. I am not saying the President and his Border policies are helping. They aren't. I'm not saying Texas Presby and the CDC didn't make mistakes and/or lie about some things. They did. But so far , not one single person has contracted Ebola from "casual" contact. CHILL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Our President and Ebola Czar, and Presby and the CDC may have acted incompetently , but the "Mother of all Plagues" is not upon us yet.
I don't Facebook. My Brother, who leans as Right as I politically has been unfriended by EVERY cousin on one side of the family. Don't believe we'll be getting an invite to next years family picnic either.
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