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Romney-Ryan Ticket Puts Entitlement Crisis at Center of Campaign

Danielle24 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 10:09 AM
Have you already missed the point of Ryan's plan? As stated in the article above, your benefits under Social Security will not be in danger! He offers CHOICES for people not yet retired, so that they don't have to rely on Social Security as it now operates. I am 74 and I rely on my SS check every month, but I see the need to alter this system if America is to survive - the alternative is that we will become "Greece on steroids."
RT250 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 11:07 AM
Please, please don't recycle that meme - it's so lame, and makes Romney look dorky, which he already is.
Pat1392 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 10:30 AM
We all agree that it needs to be kept but my 45 year old son has been putting into this for almost 30 years ---what will he have???

On the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk harbor, a coatless Mitt Romney named a tieless Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee.

Romney's choice was not much of a surprise after he told NBC's Chuck Todd on Thursday that he wanted someone with a "vision for the country, that adds something to the political discourse about the direction of the country. I mean, I happen to believe this is a defining election for America, that we're going to be voting for what kind of America we're going to have."

This arguably describes some of the others mentioned as possible nominees, but it...