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Why Pay Physicians Anything At All For Providing Healthcare?

Daniel from TN Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 1:39 PM
The following shows why doctors fees are not the problem. A television investigative journalist went to a hospital administrator and asked about part of a patient's bill during a recent stay in that hospital. The patient had to take one medication, in pill form, three times a day and was charged $15 for it each time. The reporter asked how the hospital could justify charging $45 per day when a one-month prescription for the exact same medication costs less than $10 at a local pharmacy. The administrator refused to answer the question and instructed the reporter to leave immediately. VEEERRRRY INTERESTING!!!

Last week, the National Commission on Physician Payment Reform released its recommendations, calling for the elimination of fee-for-service healthcare within the next 5 years. This organization, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is populated by physicians from academia, the insurance industry and from the public policy world. Having former GOP Senate Majority leader and cardiac surgeon Bill Frist serving as honorary chairman gives the imprimatur of bipartisanship and legitimacy. However, Dr. Frist, a former academic himself, has long favored a government supervised healthcare system, and is therefore less than objective in this regard.

The Commission was formed to...