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Liberals Ready to Fire Eric Holder

Daniel from TN Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 9:24 AM
Actually, there IS a question about whether or not he won reelection. Voter fraud was so rampant during the 2012 elections that it will be a long time before the REAL election results are known, IF they are ever known at all. 171 counties reported more votes cast than the total population of the county. Many counties reported more votes than the number of registered voters. Some counties reported more votes than the number of voting age adults, registered or not. Precincts reporting absolutely NO votes for Romney, an impossibility. Republican poll watch officials illegally kicked out of poll stations. Illegal aliens being bused in from Canada. Don't tell me obama won the election honestly!!!

Now that the election is past us, perhaps liberals and conservatives can agree on a bipartisan measure of reform that’s sorely needed in Washington: Obama needs to remove Eric Holder from his spot as the nation’s top law enforcement officer. 

As a conservative, I have been outraged by the selective prosecutions, subversions of the laws to protect political power, the disregard of constitutional checks and balances, along with the general arrogance of the Arrogant General, Eric Holder.

And now, it seems, liberals are starting to have the same concerns that conservatives do.  

The growing unease that liberals have felt...