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A federal judge told Chicago to develop an "actionable" plan for firearms sales. I see this issue returning to federal court because the proposed plan is nowhere near actionable.
States with lower unemployment rates? We have only the federal government's word for that. Of course, we all know how outstandingly truthful and accurate the federal government is on reporting things!
Her lies about Benghazi may fly with Congressional investigations, and possibly even the courts. But the lies will not get past the voters. Her political career is over, AND SHE KNOWS IT.
Even if they pardon each other that pardon only applies to federal crimes. Individual states can still prosecute, but I doubt any of them will have the courage to do so.
The confrontation will not be with Cruz or Rubio. Both of them are ineligible because they are not natural born citizens. Paul is quickly losing credibility so I doubt it will be with him either. After the hurricane, Christie could not stop singing obama's praises, so that just about eliminates him. If Republicans are serious about winning a presidential race then a Conservative is who needs to be nominated because an establishment Republican will NEVER AGAIN occupy the White House. The people now know that Liberal and establishment Republican means the exact same thing.
Actually, it's Hillary who wants another term. When Bill was on office many officials said if you want to get something done then talk to Hillary; SHE'S the president. Bill was just a figure head.
I remember the Watergate hearings and it was Republicans who led that investigation, not Democrats, and Republicans showed Nixon no mercy. There is NO WAY Democrats will do that to obama.
Some executives personally defensive of obama! This is news because..........?
Democrats will face the wrath of the people in November IF AND ONLY IF the voting machines are not rigged as they were in 2010 and 2012. FYI to all voters. Your local voting precinct cannot force you to use an electronic voting machine. If you demand a paper ballot then federal law states you MUST be allowed to use a paper ballot. Spread the word. Do not use an electronic voting machine in November.
Third parties do not win elections, except on rare occasions. What third parties usually accomplish is split Republican votes and insure Democrat victory. I have been saying this for years and Sarvis is the perfect example of it.
Taking back the Republican Party is what the TEA Party is working towards. I used to believe that would not be accomplished until 2020 or 2024. However, after the Republican surrender on October 16th I now believe there is a SLIGHT chance this may be accomplished in 2014; 2016 at the latest. With the October 16th surrender, many Republicans positively identified themselves as RINOs. The RINO purge begins with the 2014 primaries. I firmly believe most of the RINOs will not survive the primaries: Most of the winners winners will be from the TEA Party, Conservatives, or Libertarians. Of the RINOs that survive the primaries, few will win election or reelection. The people are now fed up with RINOs, because RINOs can no longer be distinguished from Liberals.
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