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1. I'm going to take a wild guess and say the Washington state legislature is controlled by Democrats, including the governor's office. 2. I wonder if public referendum is allowed in Washington. That will be the only way that nightmare law is repealed.
Jindahl is ineligible to be president. He is not a natural born citizen. REMEMBER - Only Republican candidates are vetted.
Come on people! This is not rocket science. If travel to and from ebola stricken countries is stopped then the virus will not spread to the USA.
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The State of U.S. New Home Market

Daniel from TN Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 12:24 AM
I am seeing something I would like some "expert" to explain. I see many homes being built, but they are not being sold. These newly built houses are just sitting empty. Friends and family in other parts of the country have told me they are seeing the same thing where they live. Did the federal government provide money for new housing construction without considering whether or not people could afford to buy them?
Return to the kitchen for some more obama Kool-Aid, and leave this site for intelligent people who know what they are talking about.
A federal judge told Chicago to develop an "actionable" plan for firearms sales. I see this issue returning to federal court because the proposed plan is nowhere near actionable.
States with lower unemployment rates? We have only the federal government's word for that. Of course, we all know how outstandingly truthful and accurate the federal government is on reporting things!
Her lies about Benghazi may fly with Congressional investigations, and possibly even the courts. But the lies will not get past the voters. Her political career is over, AND SHE KNOWS IT.
Even if they pardon each other that pardon only applies to federal crimes. Individual states can still prosecute, but I doubt any of them will have the courage to do so.
The confrontation will not be with Cruz or Rubio. Both of them are ineligible because they are not natural born citizens. Paul is quickly losing credibility so I doubt it will be with him either. After the hurricane, Christie could not stop singing obama's praises, so that just about eliminates him. If Republicans are serious about winning a presidential race then a Conservative is who needs to be nominated because an establishment Republican will NEVER AGAIN occupy the White House. The people now know that Liberal and establishment Republican means the exact same thing.
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