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Democrats will face the wrath of the people in November IF AND ONLY IF the voting machines are not rigged as they were in 2010 and 2012. FYI to all voters. Your local voting precinct cannot force you to use an electronic voting machine. If you demand a paper ballot then federal law states you MUST be allowed to use a paper ballot. Spread the word. Do not use an electronic voting machine in November.
Third parties do not win elections, except on rare occasions. What third parties usually accomplish is split Republican votes and insure Democrat victory. I have been saying this for years and Sarvis is the perfect example of it.
Taking back the Republican Party is what the TEA Party is working towards. I used to believe that would not be accomplished until 2020 or 2024. However, after the Republican surrender on October 16th I now believe there is a SLIGHT chance this may be accomplished in 2014; 2016 at the latest. With the October 16th surrender, many Republicans positively identified themselves as RINOs. The RINO purge begins with the 2014 primaries. I firmly believe most of the RINOs will not survive the primaries: Most of the winners winners will be from the TEA Party, Conservatives, or Libertarians. Of the RINOs that survive the primaries, few will win election or reelection. The people are now fed up with RINOs, because RINOs can no longer be distinguished from Liberals.
Republicans were not responsible for the shutdown. obama and obama alone caused the shutdown. Republicans passed a CR that gave obama and the Liberals EVERYTHING they wanted except funding for ACA. obama declined and then shut down the government (Actually, only about 15% shut down. Essential services continued unaffected.).
If a student says 3 X 4 = 12, that means the student has a defective calculator. Students today are taught to use a calculator instead of paper and pencil or, GOD FORBID, their brains. Technology was supposed to supplement education. Instead, it has become a substitute for education. The strange thing is; education experts cannot figure why students with little or no access to technology score higher on standardized tests such as ACT and SAT.
The following shows why doctors fees are not the problem. A television investigative journalist went to a hospital administrator and asked about part of a patient's bill during a recent stay in that hospital. The patient had to take one medication, in pill form, three times a day and was charged $15 for it each time. The reporter asked how the hospital could justify charging $45 per day when a one-month prescription for the exact same medication costs less than $10 at a local pharmacy. The administrator refused to answer the question and instructed the reporter to leave immediately. VEEERRRRY INTERESTING!!!
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Liberals Ready to Fire Eric Holder

Daniel from TN Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 9:24 AM
Actually, there IS a question about whether or not he won reelection. Voter fraud was so rampant during the 2012 elections that it will be a long time before the REAL election results are known, IF they are ever known at all. 171 counties reported more votes cast than the total population of the county. Many counties reported more votes than the number of registered voters. Some counties reported more votes than the number of voting age adults, registered or not. Precincts reporting absolutely NO votes for Romney, an impossibility. Republican poll watch officials illegally kicked out of poll stations. Illegal aliens being bused in from Canada. Don't tell me obama won the election honestly!!!
That's an easy answer. Food stamps are taken to the bank and deposited exactly as cash.
A money grabbing action like this might turn out to be the first step in the fall of the EU. We can only hope.
Liberal Motto - My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with the facts.
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