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Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Move to the Midwest

Daniel991 Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 11:42 AM
I'd drive around the entire state to keep from buying a twinkie there. The Corrupting influence of Chicago's Socialist, Statist, Progressive Criminal Elitist's have made it a real "Fly-over" state. If you want work in the area, check out Indiana, where Conservatives are actually welcomed and their values are celebrated.

Last night I stopped by the “Chicago Booth Tech Event”. It was at the Gleacher Center downtown. There were probably 100 people there. One of HPA’s portfolio companies, Power2Switch was on the panel. Normally when I go to tech events, I know quite a few of the people there. At this one, I knew very few, which is a great sign. Interest and momentum is building.

To use market parlance, if you “buy” Chicago now, you are buying low. One of these days it will be lock limit bid. You will have to buy out of the money...