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The $1 Trillion Energy Bonanza

Daniel982 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 8:19 AM
Could it be that the democrat controlled congress during the latter part of the Bush admnistration had a direct factor in the decline of the national economy? Don't get me wrong, I blame Bush 43 for failing to veto the outrageous spending and avalanche of regulation, but I suspect he was being blackmailed.
With all of the talk recently about the Federal Reserve, QE-infinity, the "Fiscal Cliff" and a possible slowdown in 2013, it's understandable that most investors' minds have been on precious metals. Not only do they typically serve as safe havens during uncertain times, but they've also enjoyed great runs during the past few years.
But that doesn't mean energy has to be left behind.

Crude oil, which was selling for $75 per barrel back in the summer, returned to near triple-digit territory before falling back recently. Some...

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