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Excuse Me, Your Illogic Is Showing: Orwell’s Vision Emerges In California

Daniel982 Wrote: Feb 17, 2013 11:09 AM
An armed society is a polite society, and even the nutzoids think twice about hauling out a gun and shooting when they don't know if the little old lady standing behind 'em might be packing iron (or plastic). Why else have all but ONE of the mass victim shootings in recent decades happened in 'gun free zones'?

In the 1940’s and 50’s, famed Author George Orwell surmised that both the English language and civilized society were in decline.

After a press conference held last week by Emeryville, California Police Chief Ken James, it’s easy to see a decline in both language and critical thinking skills in our country. And as Orwell thought, indeed civilized society may very well be in jeopardy.

It happened on February 14th. Taking to the microphones and cameras in his suburban San Francisco community, Chief James stood at a podium with the requisite group of serious-looking, professionally dressed, pouty-faced people standing behind him...