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This scenario has been hashed over in various SciFi books. It deserves further work.
You forgot to include "elitist intellektchooal" and "eddykated idjit"
provide examples, date and time of the alleged lies.
Is gruber lying now, or was he lying then, or is he now lying now about lying then. I'm reminded of a line from the original Start Trek series: "Everything I say is a lie... and I'm lying"
There's a few CIA interrogators with nothing to do right now, perhaps they could be of assistance in finding the truth?
Shotguns are big bore intimidation and I have two 12 gauge, an Ithaca model 37 and a Remington 870. For antisocial occasions with more than a few participants I prefer a round that will go through at least two bodies. FMJ 30.06, and ten round magazines for my Rem 760. Wish I could afford an M14.
Corruption in the department of interior? Corruption is the norm, not the exception. Apparently the two that have been "caught" didn't grease their supervisors palms.
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