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Lowlife Harry Reid Should Resign

Daniel436 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 11:21 AM
This is an advertisement I believe the Republican party should latch on to. "Show video of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on the floor of the house and senate, and tell every voter, that a vote for democrat [insert house or senate democrat candidate here] is a vote for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. You cannot vote Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi out of office, only the voters of Nevada/San Francisco can do that. But by voting for [insert house or senate republican candidate here] you can make sure that Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi and his/her radical ideas don't make it into law."
Sam1304 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 12:51 PM
Sept. 28th: I had sent this suggestion to Mitt Romney's team and I hope they use it because Pelosi and Reid are the most hated members of Congress...and are becoming more hated every single let's hope Romney is going to get out many more ads about this and about Obama's playing with the ladies of the View and Beyonce while the Middle East burned ...and how he went to bed after learning that our Embassies were under attack and after having been informed that our Ambassador and 3 other Americans were murdered by Islamist terrorists, he heads off to Vegas & why Obama gave better security to Valerie Jarrett in USA than to our people in dangerous countries.
Let's play Imagine an Alternative Universe . Suppose that Rep. Paul Ryan had said that Joe Biden had "sullied the religion that he and I share." How many days of the news cycle do you suppose would be dominated by the story? How many Democrats and members of the press would declare that this kind of religious provocation/bigotry rendered Mr. Ryan unfit for high office? Please submit your estimates to my inbox.

Now back to the universe we inhabit. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, participating in a unilateral race to the bottom, said just that about Mitt...