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Toro! Toro! Obama Bullfights Using Stuntmen & Scapegoats

Daniel30 Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 8:19 AM
Another way to look at this is that corrupt governments multiply laws, creating them with broader scope and less definition. This is the way tryrannical governments can keep people in fear of their government. A poorly defined law with broad scope is created for the simple purpose that enemies of the state may be silenced by being prosecuted for crimes that are basically undefined and against which there can be no defense. The rule of law is destroyed by the multiplication of such rules. We are seeing an unlimited state in formation.
Kiffur Wrote: Jun 18, 2012 10:56 AM
Which, I think, was exactly the point of this article. By not defining what the crime of "insider trading" is, the government can extend it to be whatever is needed at the time, even something as innocuous as calls between two businessmen when they are discussing facts already public knowledge, as evidenced in the case she cited. By what Machievellian stretch of "logic" can this be "insider trading" as opposed to an ordinary business conference?

Bullfighting is a dangerous sport; the bull wins by lethally plowing into the matador. Nevertheless, President Obama is trying his hand at bullfighting and he’s using unconstitutional trickery to shield himself from a lethal political blow. In Obama’s case, the bull’s name is “Wall Street”—the lifeblood of American culture.

Think of Wall Street as a bull bursting with strength and fecundity—an animal taking risks and producing deals that other animals cannot—risks and deals that create wealth and jobs. Well, Obama seems determined to “kill” Wall Street capitalism and replace it with socialism. And he is employing trickery like stuntmen and scapegoats...