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Also 3000 miles wide is the Obama pep talk gospel. Obama and his administration is caught in lie after lie and the faithful are still lapping it up. Obama's laying on deeper than a mile and Obama is quite encouraged by his success. Look at how he was wipped at the presidential debates and still won election. Alas, like all compulsive liars, Obama believes his own lies and he will eventually be caught up in his lies and will ultimately be horribly disgraced and shown for what he really is; a flim flam man.
Madame Hillary is outraged that anyone should dare question her State Department. Madame Hillary throws fits of outrage not unlike Billy Boy and shares another tendancy with Bill; compulsive liars believe their own lies.
Kerry should have been tried and executed shortly after he came home from Vietnam and betrayed his commanding officers and his country
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Why Does the Left Despise Valor

Daniel2181 Wrote: Jul 17, 2012 12:54 AM
Speaking of valor; there is the 'Stolen Valor Act.' The Supreme Court has decreed that is OK to lie about ones military service; that the framers of the Constitution meant to protect liars and cheats. The wisest men of the land are wrong!
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