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Snob Rule

Daniel17 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 7:24 AM
Excellent truth-telling here Sir. Now watch the faux-victim card playing Socialists try to dissolve the truths you have put forward here. That would include the RINO-loving children and especially the faux democrat progressive paid propagandists. IE: Steve in CA. Share this important expose' with everyone you know people. United We Stand.

America’s ruling class appears to believe that its mission is to subjugate and bring to heel those outside the club – which means you and me. This motley crew – who would never be caught dead jamming to something as déclassé as Mötley Crüe – has always held the rest of the country in contempt. But now that contempt is the basis of policy, and this simply cannot continue.

Big trucks. Country music. Any music not on vinyl. These are just some of the rest of America’s failings. The people who built the country, who fought for it, who unashamedly stand...