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Liberals use government to force others to follow their beliefs. Liberals use News to condemn a company that does not support their ideas and try to get them shutdown. This is about freedom of association. Many companies may sell products to groups that have different beliefs but do not want to supply goods to promote an idea that they do not support.
That does not work. In Washington State we seem to get more ballots than people who voted. Somehow extra votes can just appear in Democrat controlled precincts. Have not figured that out. Once they know how many ballots they need the seem to magically appear.
Remember the Constitution limits are only for Republicans. Democrats and Liberals can do whatever they want.
When truth affects Liberal ideas. Destroy the messenger. Truth can not trump Liberal ideas.
Remember to the left every program they support fails and the excuse is either Not enough money or its Bush's Fault.
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Math, the Real Kink in Obamacare

danfinrud Wrote: Oct 22, 2013 4:04 PM
There is no such thing as a free ride. Obamacare was sold as a free ride for many people. Someone has to pay the bill. Higher rates and new taxes added to your insurance policies you get in the free market means higher costs. They need those taxes to pay for the free ride Obama likes to talk about.
Remember Democrat blame everyone for the failure of their policies or go to the standard Mantra. "It will work if we had more money" They will never accept that their ideas are not good ones. They are the elite. Just like the Republican Leadership. They lose elections every time they push a Moderate on the People. We need to start one state at a time cleaning house of these Moderates(Democrats claiming they are Republicans) IF we do not the tax and spend will destroy this country. We need to get sanity back into spending that we can afford. Not what our grandchildren will have to pay for programs today. Like one of my favorite cartoon characters said "I gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today." That is what the liberals are doing to our country. Grab something today and pay for it later
I guess everyone who signs up for Obamacare had better visit LifeLock and get some protection from Identity theft. Or one of the other groups. This will be a big boom for identity theft protection groups. Plus the fact criminals are part of the Navigators to help you find Health Insurance. Gee I get better information from websites for private health care insurance than the government run one.
"In fairness, they only had three-and-a-half years to train these people properly. I'm sure they'll run your healthcare in a prompt, professional and competent manner." Working in the software field I know that specs and requirements change very quickly. If leadership can not figure it out you delay shipping. Not here But the key question I have is how many years of training will they need to make the system work.
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The Fight to Save the Debt Limit

danfinrud Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 10:33 AM
There is plenty of tax revenue to pay our debt. BUt if Obama does not pay those bills first but instead wants to send money to give to Political allies instead. We have a problem. Our military, Debt, Social security and Medicare have funds coming in every day to cover those bills. Pay them first and then see what is left for all the other programs. Remember Obama and Democrats said you have to raise taxes before we will allow investigation of Fraud in Medicare and Social Security. Taxes have been raised but no move to try to really identify fraud in Government programs. Instead they want more and more people signed up for government assistance.
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