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Didn´t you read the article? It discusses power projection in order to protect the vital choke-points. Can´t do that thirty miles off of Jacksonville.
"...sufficient ships and crews on station to handle the likely threat, ships and crews preparing to deploy, and ships in refit (with crews taking a break)." The author erred on only this point: crews do not take a break when the ship is in upkeep/overhaul. If anything, they work harder.
I guess I´m not always as smart as I thought all the time. I thought the two words are pretty much the same. Silly me.
And most of them get free breakfast, lunch and dinner before going to their taxpayer-paid homes and not eating any food despite the mama receiving food stamps based upon the number of children in her herd of livestock.
What about the 47% that, in addition to receiving food stamps, also receive free school lunches for their herds?
Kids love to eat watermelon. At least Southern kids do.
Just who, precisely, elected her and placed her in a position to dictate nutrition progrmas for our children?
Won´t work. The first time a soldier or teacher needs to use force to defend him- or self, the libbies will scream bloody murder about "child" abuse - even though these high school kids are physically mature adults.
I was in Jr High when the forced bussing started in about 1971. So a bunch of black inner-city students were given the opportunity to attend the "better" schools; what did they do with that opportunity? Got rich. All they saw were new opportunities with new targets for stealing, assualting and robbing, and selling drugs. It´s the inner-city, welfare culture and I personally feel it is too ingrained to ever be able to change it.
I think he´s waiting until after the Olympics. No use speaking to half of an audience right now.
I just read it about when you were posting your question.
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