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Be careful. After struggling for an answer, the CME finally settled on "long WEAPON". this after mentioning two times that he is a ballistics expert. A long weapon can be a rifle or a shotgun.
Meaning that the Big Wheels have armed security and that´s why they are not concerned with owning firearms. Take away their bodyguards and they would think twice about traveling in D.C. without a weapon. If the teachers were armed or a cop was stationed in Sandy Hook school this might not have happened.
Yes, I could. By pointing out that a pump-action rifle or shotgun can be nearly as fast as a semi-auto. The difference is in the capacity and the reload time. I would also point out that the GREAT majority of firearms favor semi-autos so it should be considered the norm and not an aberration.
You´re treading on dangerous ground now. Sounds like that movie with Little Tommie Cruise where they could see into the future and determine who was going to kill someone. How do we identify who is most likely to do a mass killing? For how long do we keep him locked up? And, for that matter, what is a mass killing? Simply more than one?
What, exactly, is an "assault weapon"? You are falling into the hole if your adopt their false terminalogy.
This is a B S article >> They are also the "weapon of choice" of the police, military and any sensible user of handguns. Pistols are more accurate and quicker than double-action revolvers and the magazines hold a lot more than six rounds. Reloading is also quicker. >> Well, no duh!! "Active shooter" implies that police arrived while the shooter was still shooting. There are three possibilities: the shooter surrenders and spends life in prison, the police shoot him or he shoots himself. This author doesn´t have the commom sense that G o d gave to rocks.
And your point is...? The General is retired and the woman is not in the Armed Forces..Willy Clinto fired a bunch of generals and admirals for fraternizing yet he did the same thing in the hallowed spaces of The Oval Office. His answer? "I´m not subject to the UCMJ." So, again: Your point is...?
No, the grunts won´t go away; we will just train them all to be "special operations capable" as has done the USMC. Before formulating an opinion, research the definition of "special operations" and then consider "capable"
First, I don´t recall that Romney ever said he wanted to up the DOD budget by two trillion. Only Hussein has said this. Second, the current DOD budget is a tad under 650 billion. Can you imagine the laughter if DOD requested a budget increase to 2.65 trillion? FOUR times what it now is operating on? No, of course DOD didn´t request it and I doubt that Romney proposed it, either.
Let´s fram this in a scale we can truly grasp: our neighborhoods. Let´s say the rack dealers stat moving into the neighbohood. The first one is just an annoyance but we put up with it. Then a second buys a house. Now we start to sense a trend if we don´put a stop to it. Or do you wait until you are completely surrounded by crack houses before you decide to take action?
Didn´t you read the article? It discusses power projection in order to protect the vital choke-points. Can´t do that thirty miles off of Jacksonville.
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