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All of these newer scandals came to ligt just as Congress was getting hot on the Benghazi debacle. Think they may be pawn sacrifices to save the king and/or queen?
Find an older one. I still have one I bought in 2001. Don´t put in the battery unless I need to use it. I doubt it has GPS.
Like Social Security. Congress has raided the coffers for so long, there will be nothing left of my contibutions in ten years.
My wife and I consider ourselves married without the governments´s permission. We have taken legal measures to replace the automatic benefits of "marriage". Anybody can do it. The homosexuals want "approval" - not simply "acceptance", I agree with Doug AND with Ted. I mean what normal man could resist the idea of two beautiful, BISEXUAL women who live together? You see, there is always the chance that the man can join in !
I wonder about this concept of "lock-down". What does that mean? The students are not permitted to leave the school or even their classrooms? I guess I can understand this in the case of elementary schools but universities? Even high schools. I remember in H.S. if the wave report was good there was a parade of cars leaving at 2:00. If somebody had told me I was not allowed to leave, that would have been kidnapping or unlawful imprisonment or something. Dammit I can leave whenever I like. If they want to charge me with truancy that´s their decision but they cannot force me to remain somewhere when I choose to leave.
They will be surprised when the majority of US citizens finally react.
"Gun-free Zone" is synonymous with "Free-fire Zone".
How long will it be before some cop goes nuts and kills people? Oh, wait a minute... How long will it be before some Army officer goes mooslum on his fellow soldiers? Oh, wait a minute...
Is that "heater" as in slang for "pistol" or "heater" as a source of warmth? I know you need the second but it´s been 25 years since I´ve been to Spokane so don´t know the security situation there now. Go further east than Spokane and you best behave yourself.
Be careful. After struggling for an answer, the CME finally settled on "long WEAPON". this after mentioning two times that he is a ballistics expert. A long weapon can be a rifle or a shotgun.
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