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Reality of the IRS Scandal

Dane11 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 4:26 AM
I am sorry, I don't believe there is any "hardworking employees at the IRS who do the right thing". They are all knuckle-dragging thugs putting the screws to taxpayers. If there wasn't any employees at the IRS, the politicians wouldn't have the means to punish US Citizens with intrusive tax laws. The IRS and ALL of its employees are part of the problem.
I wanted one for a door stop, but I am not going to fund her campaign. Maybe I can get one soon at a garage sale or I can go dumpster-diving.
Because the book stores pre-ordered it. Unfortunately for the Simon & Schuster, any unsolded books can be publisher. Her $14 million advance was a legal way for the publisher to funnel money to her campaign.
So, HRC says we are like the Anti-Democratic countries? She must be referring to Islamic Nations where women, and only women, are stoned for adultery. Where women, actually girls, face genital mutilation(No, it is nothing like male circumcison). Where women, again girls, are forced into marriages to men(who may already have multiple wives). Where women cannot drive, cannot go out alone, denied an education, and are told what they must wear. Is Hillary the woman we want running this Country? It seems the vast majority who would vote for her will be doing so only because of her gender. If so, then our Republic has failed!
That sign "Birth Control: Not My Boss's Business" says it all. It's not her Boss's business, so why does she think her Boss should pay for it? Fact, healthcare isn't her Boss's business either. If a business wants to offer a healthcare benefit as part of their total wage compensation, then fine. But, how a business compensate an employee is between the employer and employee. YES, I am trying to live in a time long past. We have slipped past the Event Horizon long ago and entered the Black Hole for which we can't return.
Harry Reid has no control of impeachment; That is the House of Representatives responsibility. The House would have to vote for impeachment and present the charges to Senate for trial where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court would preside. To remove a Federal Official(eg. POTUS) requires a vote of 2/3 majority of the Senate. There in lies the problem, as a Democrat control Senate and Reid would not vote to remove President Obama from office. What charges or evidence would it take to remove the President from office? Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice, but yet the Senate did not vote to remove him from office.
Will? Is already has!
The IRS's 18 minute gap in the tape.
Isn't having armed guards a contradiction to a gun-free zone? I am not against armed guards; I am against the "gun-free zone" label.
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