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I have an idea, instead of inviting an elected Republican (some are really wimps, some are rino's), why not invite a 'run of the mill' conservative like me? If I knew the topic in advance, I'd go. I would love for Ed to tell me that I'm racist to my face - the guy knows nothing about me except for his desirable conceptions based upon imagined lame generalizations.
It's a sad day when US citizens aren't smart enough to realize that SOME non-essential government spending must be reduced. We're already primed for Greek type riots when REAL cuts come.
Katie, can you please provide the same info about Florida's statutes as Texas for the benefit of those in the battleground state?
Go Mia!
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Obama: I Have Not Raised Taxes

DanderUp Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:32 PM
Correction, the Supreme Court called it a tax. Regardless of the name (fee, fine, tuna fish), like it or not the taking of personal property in this fashion by the government is a tax. Talking about jokes, supporters of ObamaCare can't even be honest debaters - you split hairs over the name of something, while failing to acknowledge that the federal government under this law is now authorized to collect more revenue from private citizens in more ways than before. Remember, you said it yourself, some will have to PAY a small amount to have the ability to go to the emergency room. How would you define this government mandated, government enforced payment?
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POW/MIA Day: You Are Not Forgotten

DanderUp Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 3:48 PM
I will never forget. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the servicemen still missing in action and their families.
Granted, there are too many shooting sprees. But, as an example, I fail to see how the recent Joker shooter can be remotely seen as a right-wing/Christian-anything. My guess is, you either think you know Christians, or you've stereotyped us for convenience as a means to an end. I'm always amazed that the more this country seems to abandon God, the more its citizens believe they can meddle in other people's lives.
Well, President Obama was in the senate less than 2 years, and mostly voted present. Tell me, in what manner did he demonstrate leadership skills in the US Senate? What legislative accomplishment can he lay claim to during his very brief tenure? In fact, wasn't the choice of Joe "The Gaffe" Biden picked based upon his foreign policy resume and experience bolstering the overall ticket? Looking at the state of the world, the reset with Russia failed (aren't they incurring on US airspace in Alaska regularly with bombers), the Euro is falling apart due to excessive spending (are we leading or following the Euro), our Iran policy seems aimless, and it looks like Egypt is ready to wage war on Israel (thanks to the Arab Spring).
Star's column earns 5 stars from me! Well said, Star.
z, rrom conception to full term birth then, when in your opinion do you consider the mother to be carrying a child? What makes you the authority on this matter? Please provide a concise, specific answer, not some generic, subjective one. Isn't the heart formed within days of conception? Isn't a large part of what defines us our DNA, something formed right at conception? Besides, isn't abortion rather violent? Who among us would choose violence to all over peace?
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