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Racial Puzzles in Presidential Politics

Dancing Bear Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 2:10 AM
Funny. I read this column and thought, "What a pretentious, cynical, manipulative bigot," but figured I would hold off posting for a while to see if others picked up on this as well. Indeed. This is the kind of guy who calls the guys doing the heavy lifting "white trash" or "redneck" because they do not belong to the same social set. Let me tell you something, sport. I have heard as much REAL racism (being vehemently opposed to affirmative action, etc., is NOT racism) among Democrats and RINOs as I have among tea partiers, and in fact, more. Because YOU seem to think, for instance, that blacks would never change their minds after hearing Romney speak. I will give them more credit and assume that maybe some will. YOU are the one
Dancing Bear Wrote: Jul 15, 2012 2:12 AM
who is quick to judge by the color of one's skin,etc.

And if Romney is as cynical and manipulative as you suggest, frankly I don't want him anywhere NEAR the White House.

Go spew your spit somewhere else or get a real job, better yet - hey, try one of those heavy lifting kinds of things and see how real people make a living.

It may have been a bit surprising when the NAACP held its national convention and Mitt Romney showed up. Romney, as comedian Reggie Brown put it, is "what people who hate white people think of when they think of white people." He's likely to do about as well among black voters as he is among Wiccans.
But there he was, taking precious campaign time in a vain and even humiliating search for votes. Naive folly or an excess of ambition on his part? Not quite.
Candidates normally put a high priority on assuring enthusiastic receptions and supportive audiences. Campaign...