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Eagle Scouts Study Denied Publication by American Psychological Review Due to BSA’s Stances on Homosexuality and God

Dancing Bear Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 10:40 PM
Follow me on this, as a Ph.D. in a related subject matter. American Psychological Association clearly hates the Boy Scouts. The APA also decides or has major input into what is required for a person to be a licensed psychologist. Would you really want a psychologist who buys into this stuff working with your kid, for instance, as a school counselor, etc.? Yet in many states you can assume that he or she DOES buy into the insanity. It is time we run clinical psychologists out of their offices and use an entire new system for licensing mental health professionals. These whack jobs have too much power in court proceedings, juvenile justice treatment centers, etc. You KNOW they are crazy. Let us do something about it.


Baylor University’s Program for Prosocial Behavior recently concluded a nationwide study on Eagle Scouts. As noted by Rodney Stark, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor and co-director of ISR on the study’s website, it was found that Eagle Scouts, in comparison to regular Boy Scouts and non-participants, are much more likely to “exhibit significantly higher levels of health and recreation, connection, service and leadership, environmental stewardship, goal orientation, planning and preparedness, and character.”
Today Dr. Byron Johnson, the study’s principal investigator, gave a brief lecture and Q&A at the Heritage Foundation, where he mentioned his attempt to have...