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Dancing Bear Wrote: May 12, 2012 4:10 AM
This is such garbage. Such utter garbage. Moving to the Southwest soon, and will begin claiming Hispanic heritage because my last name sounds like it is Hispanic. Why shouldn't this White Boy get on the gravy train/ Would you blame a black man for claiming to be white to avoid Jim Crow?

Sometimes a trivial embarrassment can become a teachable moment. It was recently revealed that Harvard professor and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren had self-identified as a Native American for nearly a decade -- apparently to enhance her academic career by claiming minority status. Warren, a blond multimillionaire, could not substantiate her claim of 1/32 Cherokee heritage. (And would it have reflected any better on her if she could have?) Instead, she fell back on the stereotyped caricature that she had "high cheekbones."

Not long ago, University of Colorado academic Ward Churchill was likewise exposed as a fraud in his claims of...