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Boomsday: Coming to a Theater Near You

Dancing Bear Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 7:31 PM
People have no idea what is coming. I would note one nice step would be to do away with the excess of lawyers or moving to a Loser Pays system. Then people would not get entangled in nonsensical legal disputes which, though dismissed, end up costing them thousands of dollars and years of frustration, What say you, Kenny?

In his 2007 book Boomsday, Christopher Buckley writes of a fictional future where an overwhelming number of elderly baby boomers are given tax incentives to end their lives early. With recent developments out of Switzerland, Buckley’s tongue-in-cheek novel may prove all-too-prescient.

The Swiss canton of Vaud just passed a law mandating that doctors in hospitals and nursing homes provide assistance to anyone who wants to commit suicide, as long as they are of sound mind. This is hardly a new step for the Swiss, who've been undermining human dignity for years, but it's a short step...