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How Bill Kristol Purged the Arabists

Dan_the_A Wrote: May 29, 2012 2:19 PM
@Mattie So, our war against Hitler was unjustified? It was a leftist war fought to kill other leftists who enjoyed killing? If you are just trolling people, I get that. But if you truly don't understand that sometimes violence is necessary to stop more violence or as a means to stop madmen, then there is truly no basis on which to reach out to you in any form of discussion; it is simply like debating with a wall.

After taping John Stossel's show on May 16 in New York, the Mrs. and I took the 10 a.m. Acela back to Washington. Once we had boarded the train, who should come waddling up the aisle but Bill Kristol.

The Weekly Standard editor seemed cheerful, and we chatted about the surge in Mitt Romney's popularity and prospects.

I did not ask what he had been doing in New York, but thanks to the website Mondoweiss, I found out. Kristol was there for a May 15 "debate" with Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street, the pro-Israel organization, at B'nai Jeshurun...