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Vulnerable Senator: Obamacare's Been an "Amazing Success Story," You Know

Dan_NV Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 2:17 PM
As we get closer and closer to the implementation date of Obamacare, "train-wreck" is going to be an understatement. Democrats however, are nothing if not stubborn in the extreme and they will continue to declare that Obamacare is the ultimate success and any problems are all the Republicans fault. They will try but it isn't going to fly, too many Americans are already on record for being against this travesty and they know who pushed it on them anyway. Sometimes the "hide your head in the sand" (or elsewhere) strategy just doesn't work out all that well.

Before the administration battered its own healthcare law with a series of delays and unilateral changes, Democrats excitedly informed the media that their grand new scheme to win in 2014 involved
Obamacare.  Cue the senior Senator from Arkansas, who demonstrates what said ownership looks like (via America Rising):