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The Obama Press Votes Early

Dan_NV Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 10:09 AM
... they must be subject to the same scrutiny as that of those in government. It is fair then to demand the same disclosures of the media as we do our elected officials. Moreover, since the media now wants to make the news, not report it, it is fair for so-called media elites to face the same invasion of their personal lives as they subject our politicians to. If they insist on being public figures, so be it, along with the glaring white hot spot light they shine on those they slander, impugn and destroy publicly. It is fair and so should it begin. He who lives by the pen, shall we say.
"Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring." --Ann Romney

Mrs. Romney's exasperation with conservative critics is understandable. The mainstream press has been like a school of piranhas swarming around her husband. To receive fire from her own side as well -- even constructive advice -- may seem too much to bear.

Mitt Romney is facing perhaps the most corrupt and tendentious coverage in presidential history, as members of the fourth estate eschew any semblance of integrity in their attempt to skew interpretations in favor of their pinup, Mr. Obama.