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Romney Ad: Pelosi, Reid Muted Obama Phone Call During Stimulus Negotiations

Dan_NV Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 12:04 PM
It is hard to say if this incident really happened and certainly neither Reid nor Pelosi would ever admit it but given Obama's ability to say pretty much nothing about just about everything for long and painful periods of time, I am inclined to believe it. More importantly however, is that it was understood, even by the most partisan politicians in the Democrat ranks that Obama was clueless. Nothing has changed.

Here's the new ad, entitled "mute button."  Ouch:

The revelation highlighted in this spot is drawn from Bob Woodward's insider account, "The Price of Politics."  The Hill reports:

President Obama’s fraught relationship with congressional leaders during his first term extended to Democrats as well as Republicans, according to a new book by the legendary Washington journalist Bob Woodward. In one scene during negotiations over the 2009 economic stimulus package, Woodward reports that when Obama...