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ObamaCare Tax Causes Additional Layoffs

Dan_NV Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 5:58 PM
Lost employment in high-tech, high paying medical device field. Lost employment in the defense industry, their suppliers and their sub-contractors because of pending sequester cuts. Lost employment in small businesses keeping staff under 50 employees to avoid Obamacare mandates and the bulk of Obamacare/Obamanomics haven't even taken effect yet. When you add in the increase in the unemployment rate, the number of additional people that have dropped out of the work force and negative economic growth in the last quarter, it would appear that Obamacare/Obamanomics are a huge failure and a serious drain on our economy . Don't tell that to Harry Reid though, he will roundly scold you for lying. According to Harry, we are in a recovery.
TS8 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 6:22 PM
They haven't even implemented the reduced work hours yet. Just wait till a lot of people get their hours reduced to under 30 with a 25%+ reduction in pay AND no more insurance.

As if today’s announcement from the Obama administration regarding the minor changes to the Affordable Care Act was not depressing enough, a global medical company called Smith and Nephew has now said that they are going to layoff nearly 100 workers in their Tennessee and Massachusetts offices. The company cites ObamaCare as their reason why.

"Unfortunately, and in order to absorb this cost burden into our business, this has meant less than 100 positions have been made redundant across various departmental functions in our Tennessee and Massachusetts sites," they said in a statement released earlier this week.

The specific...