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More to Learn about Lerner's Abuses

Dan_NV Wrote: Jun 13, 2013 10:25 PM
The bottom line here is that not only do we not trust our government, we have real reason to fear it. Think about that, we are genuinely afraid to voice our criticism against the government that we send those we elect to represent us, for fear that men will come in the night and take us away. Seriously! Our government no longer serves its people, it controls them.

Recall that as head of the Enforcement Office at the FEC, it seems that Lois Lerner spearheaded the harassment of conservative groups, specifically the Christian Coalition.

Well, according to George Will, Lois Lerner had her finger in at least one other pie, specifically the US Senate race between Democrat Dick Durbin and Republican Al Salvi:

In the fall of 1996, at the campaign's climax, Democrats filed with the Federal Elections Commission charges alleging campaign finance violations by Salvi's campaign. These charges dominated the campaign's closing days. Salvi spoke by phone with the head of the FEC's Enforcement Division,...