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Media Again Smears the “Violent” Tea Party

Dan_NV Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 4:17 PM
The left in general and in this case, the media specifically are desperate to validate the template they have created for people who support the values and principles of the "Tea Party." You know, radical concepts like fiscal responsibility, government accountability, less government control over their daily lives, radical concepts like that. The left is in a foaming froth to prove that Tea Party supporters are vengeful, hateful people. Given the immediacy and the intensity with which the left tries to slander the Tea Party for every injustice perpetrated in society, just who is it that carries "antipathy for those who are not like them?"

The facts surrounding the horrific shooting today in Aurora, Colorado are still coming in, but one thing is clear: the mainstream media is still hell bent on linking the Tea Party to violent occurrences as much as possible, with zero evidence to prove it.

Earlier, ABC News’ Brian Ross linked the Tea Party to the shooting by pointing out “there is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado on the Colorado Tea Party site talking about joining the Tea Party last year. Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it is a Jim...