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It's Come to This: Hugs Banned at Maryland Schools

Dan_NV Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 2:59 PM
It seems that kids are pretty much prohibited from being, well, kids. They can't run and roughhouse during recess, dodge balls, play good-guy, bad-guy games, ride bicycles without supervision and heaven forbid, they hug someone. Oh, there is one more activity that no longer appears to be a school function as well ... actually learning anything other that political correct behavior.

Some people say California is the most liberal, progressive state in the country but I beg to differ. Maryland is far worse and its newly implemented ban on hugging and passing out birthday invitations at schools (so people don't get their feelings hurt) has just proved my point.

New rules for visitors to St. Mary’s County public elementary schools ban hugs and homemade food to anyone other than a parent’s own child.

The guidelines, which are now in effect, limit the activities of some volunteers, school officials said, but are needed to ensure a...